Health Experts Warn: 'Beware the B'

Health Experts Warn: 'Beware the B'

Aug 07 2018

More than five years ago, Alicia Stillman’s daughter, Emily, called her complaining of a headache.

Her mother urged the Kalamazoo College student to take some medicine and head to bed.

But 36 hours later, Emily was dead. She didn’t have a migraine but the beginning symptoms of serogroup B of meningococcal disease, or meningitis B, which is considered rare in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated there are fewer than 300 cases in the country per year.

Alicia Stillman and her foundation, the Emily Stillman Foundation, are now part of the campaign that is lobbying major universities across the country to require the meningitis B vaccine -- which few institutions currently do.

Beware the B” officially launches next week. Medical professionals and immunization experts from different states have signed a letter asking the 14 institutions that are a part of the Big Ten Conference, some of the most prominent universities in the country, to mandate that their students be vaccinated against meningitis B.

Source: Inside Higher Ed Inside Higher Ed