She survived her first bout with the flu — but not the second

She survived her first bout with the flu — but not the second

Feb 09 2018

Angie Barwise had come down with the flu around the holidays.

Days after Christmas, the 58-year-old Texas mother and grandmother was diagnosed with influenza, along with bronchitis and strep, her family told Fox affiliate KDFW.

Doctors gave her antibiotics and Tamiflu, an antiviral medication used to help treat the flu, and, soon after, she started to bounce back. But almost exactly a month later, her family said, she was in the emergency room — this time, with a different strain of the virus.

After beating the flu once, Barwise was battling it all over again.

Her husband, Greg Barwise, told KDFW that her fever was difficult to control. “Every 4½ hours,” he said, “we'd have to give her medicine to get the fever down.”

He said he took her to an emergency room Jan. 31 near their home in Fort Worth. Doctors ran tests and then sent them home. But the next day, he said, he was told to bring his wife back to the hospital.

“They called me at 2:30 and said, 'Oh, you need to get her back up here,' ” Barwise told CBS DFW, adding that he was told there was something in his wife's bloodwork.

KDFW reported that Angie Barwise also had pneumonia and was in septic shock, a life-threatening medical condition that can be a complication of influenza, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

On Saturday — a week after her second bout with the flu — she died.

Source: The Washington Post The Washington Post