Should Each Non-Medical Vaccine-Exemption Cost $4,610?

Should Each Non-Medical Vaccine-Exemption Cost $4,610?

Feb 07 2019

According to a new report by Children’s Hospital Colorado, more than 9,400 children visited hospitals and emergency departments in 2017 for diseases that could have been prevented by a vaccine.

About 460 children were hospitalized and 8,656 kids were treated in emergency rooms for vaccine-preventable influenza, resulting in $42 million in charges, the report said.

Which averages a cost-per-patient of $4,610.

And, Colorado just reported their 1st measles case of 2019.

Measles is very contagious and even 1 case can lead to an outbreak, especially in places where vaccination rates are low, such as Colorado.

According to previous studies, when a local community is confronted with a measles virus outbreak, the fully-loaded, cost-per-patient is higher.   

Source: Precision Vaccinations Precision Vaccinations