This disease can kill quickly — Is your child protected?

This disease can kill quickly — Is your child protected?

Jun 27 2018

Each year across the country, we hear about cases often involving college students becoming ill and sometimes dying from bacterial meningitis.

Kimberly Coffey was one of these people.

Kim was a vibrant and healthy 17-year-old who was finishing up high school, studying for finals, and getting ready to start college in the fall to study nursing. One day, Kim was not herself. She came home from school experiencing body aches and a fever of 101.

Her pediatrician instructed her to come in for a visit the following morning if her flu-like symptoms persisted. However, by morning, Kim was very sick. Kim’s mother Patti, a registered nurse, knew something was significantly wrong. Kim was experiencing excruciating pain “from her eye lashes to her toes,” along with a rash that was spreading across her body.

After being rushed to the emergency room, the doctor determined it was a case of bacterial meningitis.

Patti thought her daughter was protected, so how could this be?

Source: In Good Health In Good Health