​Joni Reynolds, RNC, MSN

Director, Health and Human Services
Gunnison County

As a public health nurse I have spent the past 28 years working with families and communities throughout Colorado. During my career I have had an extraordinary number of opportunities to work with many people from many "walks of life". I really value the experience and insight each individual brings to our interactions and enjoy seeing the "tip of the iceberg" in my connection with each individual. I have an amazing spouse, Dennis, who I have been happily married to for the past 30 years. We live in a beautiful Colorado setting and are blessed to have nature's beauty around our home. We have furry children, one cute doggie and a few other pets.

Favorite Movie/Book: Wyatt Earp starring Kevin Costner and Val Kilmer as “Doc Holliday” as it tells the story of public health through the characters

Personal Hero: My Mom and Dad made me the person I am today!

Joanne Supples is a Nurse who inspired me during my undergraduate education to enter Public Health as a profession and later continued to inspire me as I pursued my Master's Degree as she was a faculty member at the University and served on my oral comprehensive board. Joanne passed unexpectedly too young and too early but left a mark on the world through her actions, career and support for novice nurses!

Hometown Fun Fact: Alexandria Bay, NY is located on the St. Lawrence River that is the boundary between NY State and Canada. The area is known as the 1,000 Islands and the home of Boldt Castle, Singer Castle and the birthplace of 1,000 Island Dressing!

Favorite Thing to Do in Colorado: I love visiting the beautiful diverse communities throughout the State that offer so many treats from the Merry Go Round in Burlington, CO to the Fruits and Corn near Grand Junction, CO to the scenic mountain towns like my new home town, Gunnison, CO.

Why Vaccinate: I believe all parents want to protect their children, I believe vaccines are the best way to protect from diseases that we can prevent. I respect and honor all parents and know they are the best decision makers for their child(ren). As a nurse, I've seen children who were sick with disease that could have been prevented with vaccines. I also want all children who can't be protected with vaccines due to a medical condition or treatment they are undergoing to have the circle of other vaccinated children (and adults) protect them!