Lila Rosenman

Lila serves as the Policy and Engagement Fellow through Colorado College’s Public Interest Fellowship Program. She’s a recent graduate of CC with a B.A. in Sociology and Race, Ethnic, and Migration Studies. Her course research focused on social deviance as well as the social determinants of health. She worked for the CC Office of Admission, most recently working to re-envision the interview process to be more accessible to students with less resources in the college process. She’s also developed strategy for Pearl, an innovative app that aggregates real time data about food. Lila hopes to be part of building programs that foster inclusion—including tapping into technology to help engage constituents around immunization.

Favorite Book/Movie: The Sun Also Rises, Brooklyn

Personal Hero: My parents, both of whom approach life with equal parts determination and humor.

Favorite CO Activity: Anything with a beautiful view

Hometown Fun Fact: Montclair, NJ has the world’s best bagels. A heavily contested issue in the tri-state area, but I assure you we have the best!

Why Vaccinate: The Polio Epidemic of 1916 infected more than 27,000 people in the U.S. alone, killing over 6,000 people and leaving thousands more paralyzed. Almost 100 years later in 2015, only 74 people were diagnosed with the virus worldwide. No preventative health measure (sans maybe the purification of drinking water) has had such a widespread impact. I’m proud to be part of an effort that continues to move pediatric health forward, ensuring the safety of children and our communities.