Tye Harlow, MPH

Tye Harlow joined CCIC as Program Coordinator in 2017 with hopes of making an impact in the lives of children in Colorado. In 2009 she graduated with her BA in Integrative Physiology from the University of Colorado and returned to her hometown of Norfolk, Virginia to pursue a career in liver cancer research. After exploring the various determinants of health, she decided to return to school to study public health. She graduated with a Masters of Public Health in Infectious Diseases from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in May 2016 and made a beeline for Colorado to put her degree to use! In her free time, you can find her in the gym working on her Olympic lifts, backpacking the great outdoors, or snowboarding in the Rockies.

Favorite Book/Movie: Pandemic (book) / Casablanca (movie)

Personal Hero: DA Henderson for taking risks and asking for forgiveness, not permission

Favorite CO Activity: Backpacking

Hometown Fun Fact: Norfolk, VA is home to the world’s largest naval base!

Why Vaccinate: With so many diseases and threats to our children’s health, vaccinations are the most powerful tool we have to protect ourselves and the ones we love. I believe all kids deserve the chance to fully embrace childhood – playing outside at the park, not in a hospital bed fighting vaccine-preventable diseases!