Team Vaccine Colorado

Team Vaccine Colorado is a group of CCIC friends and supporters who are committed to donating a minimum of $250 each year to help us advance our mission to strategically mobilize diverse partners and families to advance children's health through immunizations. Learn more.

Team Vaccine Colorado Members

Michele Ames

Edwin Asturias, MD

Ronald Balkissoon

Robert Brayden, MD

Ned Calonge, MD, MPH

Kathie Chichester, BSN, RN

Jen Daily

Amanda Dempsey, MD - On behalf of the University of Colorado Department of Pediatrics

Jan Douglas and John Douglas, MD

Nancy Gary, PysD

Mary Glode, MD - In honor/memory of Dr. Warren Berggren

Celeste Grynberg

Simon Hambidge, PhD, MD

Michael Hitchcock, MD

Ann and Bill Iwata

Marsha Jaroch, NP

Steve and Pam Johnson

Jennifer Landrum

Daniel Lyons, PhD

Mary Ann Martin

Edward C. Maynard, MD

Gretchen McGinnis, MSPH

Mark Nathanson, DO - In honor/memory of Jacob Nathanson

Christine Nevin-Woods,

Lorrie F. Odom, MD

Kathleen Patrick, RN

Charlotte Pirnat and Martin Pirnat, MD

Nancy Reisher

Jamie Reesman

Michelle Reesman 

Lori Anne Reinwald

Jonathan Samet, MD, MS

Barton Schmitt, MD, FAAP

James Todd, MD