2016 Sure Shot (Metro Denver) - Yajaira Reyes

Yajaira Reyes, Medical Assistant Team Manager
Clinica Family Health – Federal Heights

Yajaira Reyes De Ochoa, MATM, was born in Nayarit, Mexico. She moved to Colorado when she was eight years old and quickly transitioned, graduating in the top 10 in her high school class. Yajaira always knew she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field and aspired to attend medical school to become a doctor, but unfortunately that was not possible. However, in 2010, Yajaira attended Everest College to become a medical assistant. She started working for Clinica Family Health in November 2011 and quickly proved her strengths, becoming the medical assistant team manager in 2013.

Now Yajaira manages four medical assistants, with a team goal of always having zero missed vaccines opportunities. She is an integral part of the Immunization Committee at Clinica, a group that constantly works on innovative ways to improve immunization rates. She also plans to go back to school for nursing in the future. Yajaira has three kids of her own and makes sure they get their vaccines on time! Yajaira feels strongly that vaccines are extremely important for everyone and works with a fierce passion and determination to make sure everyone has access to receive the vaccines they need on time, especially our Colorado kiddos.

"Yajaira is an asset to Clinica. Her commitment to ensuring all patients are vaccinated is unwavering and her ongoing support to her team ensures strong results. Federal Heights is currently at 100% for our UDS children under three who are fully vaccinated." - Brittney Wilburn, Assistant Nursing Director, Clinica Family Health