Legislative District Immunization Fact Sheets

Want to learn more about immunization coverage in your community? The 2018 Immunization Fact Sheets and supplemental online dashboards provide important data on childhood immunization coverage to help each legislative district understand its level of community protection and identify areas for improvement.

The district-level immunization data featured on the following fact sheets has been made possible through the passage of HB14-1288 and subsequent rulemaking which requires schools and licensed child care centers to annually report immunization and exemption rates to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). The fact sheets contain data only for schools that reported to CDPHE. To access the data, visit www.cohealthdata.dphe.state.co.us and search for school and child care immunization data. 

We encourage you to use this data to inform local discussions on immunization-related policy and in meetings with your legislators. To order high-quality prints of these fact sheets and other advocacy materials at no cost, please visit our online store. You can also follow the link below to send a quick email to your legislators urging them to support science-based policies, particularly when it comes to vaccination and public health.
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2018 Immunization Facts & Figures by Senate District

Senate District 1                  Senate District 19                  
Senate District 2                  Senate District 20                   
Senate District 3                  Senate District 21                   
Senate District 4                  Senate District 22                   
Senate District 5                  Senate District 23                 
Senate District 6                  Senate District 24                   
Senate District 7                  Senate District 25                   
Senate District 8                  Senate District 26                  
Senate District 9                  Senate District 27                  
Senate District 10                Senate District 28                   
Senate District 11                Senate District 29                  
Senate District 12                Senate District 30
Senate District 13                Senate District 31
Senate District 14                Senate District 32
Senate District 15                Senate District 33
Senate District 16                Senate District 34
Senate District 17                Senate District 35
Senate District 18                

2018 Immunization Facts & Figures by House District

House District 1                   House District 34                    
House District 2                   House District 35                    
House District 3                   House District 36                   
House District 4                   House District 37                    
House District 5                   House District 38                   
House District 6                   House District 39                    
House District 7                   House District 40                    
House District 8                   House District 41                   
House District 9                   House District 42                  
House District 10                 House District 43                 
House District 11                 House District 44                    
House District 12                 House District 45                   
House District 13                 House District 46      
House District 14                 House District 47        
House District 15                 House District 48
House District 16                 House District 49
House District 17                 House District 50
House District 18                 House District 51
House District 19                 House District 52
House District 20                 House District 53
House District 21                 House District 54
House District 22                 House District 55
House District 23                 House District 56
House District 24                 House District 57
House District 25                 House District 58
House District 26                 House District 59
House District 27                 House District 60
House District 28                 House District 61
House District 29                 House District 62
House District 30                 House District 63
House District 31                 House District 64
House District 32                 House District 65
House District 33          

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